Mvc2 Random Team Generator

In 2010 I was heavily embedded in the Columbus 2D fighting game scene (think Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat). Many of these games offer an option to randomly select a character, but Marvel Vs Capcom 2 does not. Character selection for the game is actually quite complex as well. For a short time there was an online util that you could use to get a team. It was very simple and at some point it dropped off the internet. I took it upon myself to clear that gap.

The one I created is still available because my friend Hitstun was forward thinking enough to archive a copy on his blog. I had gone several steps over the original by providing options to ban characters and assist types. Hitstun went on to restyle the thing and make a few other changes sometime later. The final version is also on his website. At some point I would like to revisit this and make the gui more modern and reflective of the game itself. It would be cool to build it out in canvas with the game sprites and everything.

It’s funny to look back now and see how crude it all was, but I think my favorite part is the 3 character file extension. We really weren’t sure which was going to win!

Note: I’ve back-dated this post to the release date of the randomizer to fill in some history in my blog. While doing this is sort of gross, I want the timeline here to be a reflection of my actual activities as much as possible. Hopefully I’ll write a post about my reasoning at some point.