On the 501 Developer

In March of 2017 I was a guest on a podcast that a couple of guys at the office were running. I had responded in our office chatroom with a comment on a previous video they had run.

On the 501 Developer
(see note on embeds below)
Note: I’ve back-dated this post to the release date of the video to fill in some history in my blog. While doing this is sort of gross, I want the timeline here to be a reflection of my actual activities as much as possible. Hopefully I’ll write a post about my reasoning at some point.

A Note About Youtube Embeds

I've generally taken a stance of no tracking, external widgets, or JavaScript on my site. But I'm making an exception here for YouTube embeds. When I'm discussing a video, the experience is just way better if I can embed it. Since the video doesn't belong to me, I can't host it myself. So embedding is the best option. If you are browsing via a commandline browser or with JavaScript disabled, the video link is included as well. I've embedded this YouTube video with YouTube's Privacy Enhanced Mode. So hopefully the tracking will be kept to a minimum.

If you are the owner of a video I have embedded and want me to remove it, contact me on Discord - radicaledward101. Hopefully I'll update this soon with a better means of contact.