Removing Google Analytics

I decided a few weeks ago that it is time to remove Google Analytics from my site. I initially included it so that I could mess around with the service because I occasionally use it for work. Since then I haven’t used it at all and I realized that this is just one more source feeding the Google ad machine.

No one visits my site now. They have no reason to, but I do want to start creating more content here. I think that, when I begin that process, I don’t want to put any focus on how many visits, clicks, or readers I get. I want to create more content here to help myself. If someone finds it helpful, then great, but, if not, who cares? I certainly shouldn’t.

So today, I finally got on with removing it. This was made harder by the fact that I’m still hand crafting each page. Luckily I don’t have much content yet, but I should really employ some sort of templating. This is especially ironic because I work on enterprise content management systems for a living. I guess this is the cobbler’s shoes problem.