My Open Tabs 2

This is my second time taking a look through my open tabs. I have a lot of long lived tabs once again! Time to clean house and get some of these archived. Even with all of these closed I still have 67 tabs open on my phone’s browser…

You can see part 1 of this series here.

From Truant to Anime Screenwriter

This is the offical translation of an autobiography by an anime screenwriter on JNovel Club. Normally JNovel sticks to light novels. So I’m really interested to read this. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be an official paper version on the horizon and I have a hard time sticking with reading things on my Kindle. So, for now, this link will sit here and gather dust.

This is like a time capsule of anime web nostalgia. The actual website and many of the sites ot links to have been offline for years, but luckily the web archive has copies! I spent a lot of time in this corner of the internet during Toonami’s first run on Cartoon Network.

Empty Movement

Empty Movement is a Revolutionary Girl Utena fan site that has been around nearly as long as the series. It fits right in with Planet Namek but has managed to keep itself online this whole time. At some point I want to sift through everything this site has to offer. I just recently finished rewatching the series.

The Pitfalls of Card UIs

This article on Card UIs summarizes my feelings on the topic perfectly. As a web developer I’ve worked on several card UI style sites and every single one of them has gotten caught up in nested complexity traps.

Pauper Affinity Deck List - Magic the Gathering

With the release of Magic the Gathering Arena, I briefly started playing Magic again. I even went to the paper prerelease for Guilds of Ravnica. I wanted to build a couple of cheap fun decks to use with my friends and the top tier pauper lists look like a fun place to start. I actually have most of the cards for this one.

However, I’ve found that getting back into Magic is a slippery slope. Arena was swallowing whole days worth of free time. I’ve decided to give this a break at least until after Christmas.

MLS Cup Playoffs Schedule

When J started building this list the Columbus Crew were still in the playoffs. They did really well but they’re knocked out now. Still, after the worst sports year of my life, it was a great end. It looks like they’ll be back next year!

Futaba Sakura Nendroid

This figure went right to the top of my buy list when it was announced. I’m not generally interested in chibi style figures but I make exceptions for my favorite characters like Futaba and Edward.

How to Be Happy: A Cheat Sheet

This article has a lot of interesting things to say about happiness, the pursuit of which is theoretically the American dream. I think I will be referring back to it quite a lot. I especially like the income study it cites.

A Modder’s Guide to Acrylic

I’m trying to do more creative physical projects. Having a strong, clear material to rely on will be really helpful. This guide seems like a good place to start.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Parks

As part of my attempt to give myself some distance from Magic the Gathering I started looking into camping as an alternative hobby. I bought a new tent in REI’s holiday sale already. I started researching campsites for a good “first time” location for Spring and it really seems like ODNR’s sites are some of the best in Ohio.