Cardboard Keyholder

I really want to start making more stuff. To that end I’ve started writing down any ideas I have for things I need as they appear. I’ve posted whiteboards around the house to record stray thoughts and I keep my notebook close when I’m out in the world.

One idea that I got was to create a key caddy, kind of like the ones that people keep next to their door if they have multiple key rings. A little series of hooks. But mine wouldn’t be just for keys. It would be for all the pieces of stuff that I keep in my pockets - wallet cash keys.

I left my phone out for now because I need it close for my alarm. In my case that means on the floor next to my bed.

I drew the design on the board right then and there. Originally I assumed that I would make it out of wood.

the keyholder drawn on a whiteboard

Later on I was watching a Minecraft stream and I had a revelation: wood is not the starter substance in meat space the way it is in Minecraft. You need multiple tools and time to work with wood. So what is our starter substance? What can I use to make stuff that requires a minimal amount of tooling and time? Paper and cardboard. It’s even plentiful just like wood in Minecraft.

I also have the advantage of owning some extra tools for working with paper and cardboard. So I got out my box knife and my glue gun and got to work.

I cut down an Amazon box I had lying around, making flat stock with no extra bits hanging off. Then I cut and glued multiple layers together for each piece to increase strength.

To ensure that the hook would be strong I embedded a tiny piece of 2x4 in the main sheet for the hook to screw into. This is just like those Minecraft recipes where you need one rarer piece to create something more complex.

Once the glue had time to cool, I used some wall anchors to screw it to the wall.

the finished keyholder

I’ve been using it for about a month now. It is holding up surprisingly well! It has definitely helped me find all my stuff in the morning.

All together it turned out just like I intended it and it took very little time at all! If I ever redo it I may add a place for my phone or incorporate a change sorter, but for now it’s just what I need. I hope to continue experimenting with cardboard construction and prototyping in the future. It really fits in with the aesthetic I’m aiming for with my work.