I’m in a bit of a holding pattern here.

My freshly rekindled Magic hyperfixation is simmering along. Other than spending money and watching YouTube, I haven’t done much with it. My new plan is to put together a commander deck for Friday Night Magic, go once, and then re-evaluate my priorities.


As expected, I’m finished Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted seal! Trying to figure out how much time I’m willing to put into Solstice. The event mission itself is kind of fun. I dunno. I also kind of want to chill until next season.

I saw an ad for the Pokemon anime in Newtype magazine, specifically focused on Marnie. It kind of made me want to return to Sword. I haven’t played either DLC yet.

I also want to return to the Splatoon 2 DLC, the last game in the Blackwell series, Highway Blossoms Next Exit, and the Forza Horizon 4 and 5 DLCs. Also Watchdogs 2 is on Gamepass and I’ve wanted to play that since launch. Maybe I can get myself to shift focus from Magic to these? I dunno.

I’m currently watching the Halo Infinite Mexico Championships. I still love this game. I hope they rescue it somehow.


I’m still slowly working my way through Creative Quest and No Game No Life volumes. Not much to report beyond that.

The Journey Continues

Short one this time around. Summer heat is really dragging. Really struggling with priority 1 - “Do the thing you actually want to do, not the thing that’s easiest.” I should make a sign for my office or something. No advice this week. Just the usual:

Stay chill and enjoy