Nothing changes if nothing changes

YouTube recommends me these dramatic podcast supercuts sometimes. I'm a sucker for them honestly. And, regardless of how you feel about some of the individuals in the cut, the video creator is usually able to create something more profound than the original material.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.
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In this case the main message - “nothing changes if nothing changes” - a call to actively engage in your own life - is something I needed to hear. It is an excellent shorthand phrase for a theme I’ve seen before but often forget.

“People have to save themselves. One person saving another is impossible.”

-Meme Oshino, Bakemonogatari

While the “nothing changes” version of the message is excellent branding and shorthand for the concept, It undersells the problem. I would more accurately say that things will only get worse if nothing changes.

Life requires maintenance. We’re not getting any younger. If we don’t take care of ourselves our bodies will only slowly decay.

Our minds too are constantly being hammered with ads and algorithms designed to manipulate our behavior. Driving us to uncontrolled behaviors like doomscrolling and impulse purchases.

The stuff around us is falling apart as well. Everything needs to be cleaned regularly. Computers, tools, and machines need regular maintenance to continue to function. We won’t always be able to replace these things when they break - no one is making vhs players or walkman parts anymore.

We can save ourselves from much of this reality.

Put in the effort to take care of yourself and the people and things around you. The more often you do this, the easier it will become - there will be less to do and your body and mind will already be used to doing it.

Don’t over commit to taking care of more than you can handle - remember that each thing you buy and own is a commitment. Sell your stuff if you’re not using it and it needs more regular care than you can provide. Use the money to take care of yourself and the things you choose to keep.

Build up your defenses:

Create the change you want to see:

There is hope for the future if we build it. Do the thing you want to do, not the thing that is easy.

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