Falling Off

I blew clean past my normal weekly posting time. That’s ok though. I made no promises to anyone, including myself about that. And I will continue to make no promises moving forward.

Destiny 2

I had my first real hiccup in Destiny this weekend. I ran into the limits of solo play hard. Then had a big fail in a matchmaking queue that was incredibly embarrassing. One teammate made it clear they were upset as well even without voice chat.

I still ended up playing more today but I’m going to be reevaluating my priorities in the game moving forward. I had hoped to do a raid, but I now see that is probably out of the question.

Generally, with hyperfixations of this magnitude, something like this happens and I bounce clean off. I get depressed about the failure and even temporarily regret the time I spent on whatever it was. Generally, eventually, I look back on that thing fondly though. I think, being more aware of this cycle now, I’ve got an opportunity to adjust it, if not break it, this time. My hope is that I can ride out the denouement with relaxed enjoyment rather than angst.

The Journey Continues

Nothing else to say this week. Stuff happened but it was a stretch to write this much this time.

Enjoy the days ahead and look for the little processes that you can steer to better outcomes