More Destiny

Nearly all of last week, when I wasn’t working, was dedicated to more Destiny 2. Bought the Witch Queen campaign and it is just incredibly good. Running it with my best friend. One of the bosses took us probably an hour and a half with just a ton of wipes. And it felt like a fun rather than a drag. I’m 1537 gear level now. Only 13 away from the powerful cap. I dunno what the Pinnacle grind is going to feel like tbh. I picked up the bugged stat Contraverse Hold gauntlets from Xur. Kind of sad now that I’ve read that it will make getting a pair with better stats harder, but the build still works with bad stats and throwing tons of grenades is a lot of fun!

After what I wrote last week, I did some googling around on the topics of hyper focus (hyperfocus?) and hyper fixation today. The first thing that happened is I found these terms. It seems like a lot of people use these terms interchangeably, which… sucks. It makes it incredibly hard to find useful info. For those that do separate the terms, hyper focus is basically flow - focusing on something to the exclusion of everything else for a given period - generally measurable in hours and ended with interruption or sleep. Hyper fixation is the one I care about - focusing on something above everything else for sustained periods - generally measured in weeks, months, or years. That’s basically what I described last week.

I found some click baity articles and a few people talking about this using the hyper fixation term or “cycle of compulsive/impulsive interests” on Reddit (here and here) which seems to be essentially the same thing. However I can’t find much literature on the topic that looks reliable. There’s no evident distinction of cyclical interests rather than singular lifelong interests outside of Reddit (where users note that lifelong hyperfocus is autism spectrum trait). There doesn’t seem to be anyone with any ideas for how to help either.

The one thing everyone seems to agree on is that resisting too much will just make me feel bad. So I guess I will go play some more Destiny and think about this tomorrow.

On Walled Gardens

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Especially if the basket belongs to someone else.

I left the above as a comment on a community poll by the Escapist on YouTube. The Zero Punctuation videos are published to their own website and then YouTube later. I watch them on YT. Whatever. The question was essentially “should we stop doing this and move our posts to YT member early access to make up the revenue.” I’m pretty against this. There is a very good writeup on why in Indie Web’s POSSE writeup. What it comes to for me though is ownership and reliance. Losing your account on one platform should not destroy your life.


Went to the Crew game with my dad this weekend. We lost, but it was a great experience! Our new seats continue to be good and the crowd was great. It managed to not be too cold until the second half.


Been listening to the Monstercat Silk Showcase podcast while driving lately. Really like the chill feel. Definitely thinking about dropping Monstercat a sub. I love their Call of the Wild podcast as well for working and working out.


My Kindle ran out of batteries. So I stopped reading the Honor Harrington books for a while there. Just charged it again. Generally I read paper books, but I got the whole Honor Harrington series on an official cd in an auction a long time back.

My girlfriend and I continue to push through Le Morte d’Arthur. We’ve finally gotten to the parts where Launcelot (as he’s spelt in our copy) is the principle character again. So we’ll be hitting upon some legends I’m more familiar with. Tristram (or Tristran I guess?) seems to have a higher page count than Arthur himself!

The Journey Continues

Another week and another go around. Go do something fun