Saving Daylight Losing Sleep

Daylight savings time has absolutely destroyed me this week. I did nearly nothing I planned on and zombied my way through. I’ve heard similar things from those around me. Instead of pushing through, next time I should just step back and focus on resetting. I have slips in sleep schedule pretty often and that always works best. It’s just hard to remember to do the right thing when I’m already sleep deprived.


I did spend a bit over an hour working on an old project on Saturday. I have a mini-comic that has been in process since 2015. Just 10 pages but I only have 1 page complete and 2 or 3 others inked. It is very hard to work on because I’m constantly pushing against my own undeveloped ability. To get anything of value out of myself at all I have to do 30-60 minutes of warmup exercises. Basically drawing comics is hard.

Just like with this blog, I’m not going to commit to continuing the project anytime soon, but it is sitting right there by my desk right now.


March Madness is in full swing! I got to watch a bit with my dad this weekend. I don’t really “get” basketball in the way that I would if I had invested energy into understanding the game. Even so, it is always fun to watch people who are really good at a thing do that thing.

The Crew came back to tie a tight game this weekend. I was relieved to have an away game with my exhaustion hitting so hard. Fun to watch but I do think we should have managed at least one more goal given the close calls we had.


Halo Infinite’s content draught is now in full swing, with the Tactical Ops event drawing to a close. I love this game so much, especially the movement. Unfortunately there’s just not enough there for me to have fun just grinding right now. I’m going to continue to practice occassionally so I’m not terribad when new content drops. Until that time I’ve downloaded Destiny 2. I don’t really know why. The free content is fun so far! I’m not sure where I’m going but it has been a nice change of pace.


Now that I have access to my personal music collection, I’ve redisovered Biffy Clyro’s Puzzle, which I somehow got a CD of on release through some music promotion thing. I don’t know anything else about this band. This album though is quite good. It seems like it is sort of, but sort of not, on YouTube here. I’m assuming you can find it yourself.

I had planned to dig into their other stuff this week, but again, sleep deprivation set in. Maybe next week.


I finished Honor Among Enemies last night. I kind of feel that it was servicable compared to the rest of the series. A volume that Weber had to write given the corner he’d painted himself into over the course of the series. It hit all the right beats and moved Honor into a position to take much more meaningful action in the coming volumes (hopefully). I figure I will read the next one at some point. Possibly tonight.

The Journey Continues

Well I very nearly broke my post streak. I wasn’t sure about putting this out as a quick post mess, but I feel better having got something out there. I still won’t promise to hit every week but it has been nice to get something going here recently.

Get some sleep. You know you need it