Airsonic + beets

My airsonic + beets journey continues. It turns out there’s no really good way to merge singletons into an album in beets aside from re-importing (references here and here). So the tracks I imported with the -s flag have been an enormous pain the ass. In addition I somehow did something, I don’t know what, that wiped all the track data for the Umurangi Generation and Umurangi Generation Macro soundtracks. That’s 133 tracks I’m going to have to track down and hand tag. Uggg

I did manage to properly merge some complex albums already and I’m feeling pretty good about where the whole thing is. I also made my first backup of the system. So I’m really finally feeling like this project is complete! Recovering the Umurangi Generation tracks is something that I will treat as an entirely separate enterprise. It might be easier just to delete them and re-import…

This project gave me so much anxiety! I’m glad it is finally in a good place.

Mini Painting

I finished painting two goblins from Tom Mason’s Goblin Headache Collection to my satisfaction this weekend! When I bought this collection I did it because I wanted to support Tom’s YouTube channel but I really didn’t think hard enough about how much work it would be to paint all 25 minis. I’ve done 6 now. So I’ve got 19 to go. This despite receiving them quite some time ago.

When I first got into mini painting it was mid-2020. Some quirk of the YT algo plus everyone being stuck at home meant a LOT of people were getting into the hobby at the same time. I made a rule for myself that I would only buy one mini at a time. I would only buy a new one when the previous one was fully painted and based. Later that same year I carved out an exception for class supplies for Reapercon Virtual where I bought quite a few minis based on the class supply lists. And then Tom Mason’s Kickstarter went and I got 25 more all at once. Now I feel quite buried given how slow my progress is on finishing them, which has, unfortunately, kind of put a drag on my enthusiasm for the whole thing. Of course that feeling only makes progress take EVEN LONGER -_-


I finished Ascendance of a Bookworm Part 3 Volume 3 this weekend as well (President’s Day Weekend has given me a lot of extra time). This series has been excellent! I was sad to find that the next volume isn’t out in print yet. Since this is a J-Novel Club series the e-book releases are really far ahead of the print versions and I hadn’t noticed the difference in the Amazon listing. Luckily the next several volumes are already up and scheduled for preorder with release dates regularly throughout this year. So I will have something to look forward to as they come out!

My girlfriend and I are reading Le Morte d’Arthur together. We’re now on or around Book 10 Chapter 50 having read the entire thing taking turns to read it out loud. The syntax is difficult and at times words come up which offer no definition via Google. So it has been slow going, but I think we are both enjoying it. These knights are nutjobs!

I purchased Otherworldly Izakaya Nobu Volume 6 this weekend and have just started it. Slice of Life continues to tie with Iyashikei as my favorite genre of books, comics, and animation. This series really focuses in on the food but has a lot of great world building and little character highlights. It does a good job of making everyday events feel magical. As a side note, I have yet to find any live action slice of life movies that don’t lean overly hard into melancholy or actual depression. So if you know of any, do let me know!


Pretty much all of my gaming time is going toward multiplayer FPS games again. Halo Infinite has been excellent and is still getting the most time, even with its content drying up. I picked up Apex Legends to get some more variety, but I’m still really on the fence about it. BRs feel even more repetitive in general than Halo’s multi-mode queues. And the gamefeel is every so slightly worse than Halo. I’ve also occassionally been hopping back into Splitgate, which definitely has the variety. But again the gamefeel isn’t quite there, and missing the crouchslide from the other two makes everything feel strangely slow to me.

I’ve played two single player titles just a bit over the last few weeks. The first, (Unpacking)[https://www.unpackinggame.com/] is just really really good. The other is the version of Taiko Drummer that went on Gamepass recently. I’ve only played a few tracks, but I quickly learned that playing a rhythm game on the xbox dpad is a non-starter for me. Otherwise I do like the game, but would prefer Pop’n, Drummania, or another game with a more traditional rhythm game interface.


No real progress on my React app recently. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned here that I’m working on something in React. It’s mostly for learning, but I would like to turn it into something useful at some point. As of my last visit it is actually starting to take shape! I need to do some backend set up. Right now it is saving data to local storage, which gets wiped occassionally and has created some other problems. So that will probably be my next big step, but there are many other smaller changes I can make if I don’t have time for that big chunk.

The Journey Continues

This is the second Monday in a row in which I’ve written something here. As much as I would like to promise that will continue, I won’t make promises I can’t keep. For now, I will just be happy that I’ve gotten something out on the site again!

I don’t think anyone reads this besides me, but, if you do, be well! Take care of yourself! Go out and make your best art