It’s actually nice out! I worked out for the first time in months last night because the bar was actually warm enough to touch. It was a great session! Next year I really need to figure out a better way to heat the garage and equipment for workouts. It stays cold in there for way too long.

My Destiny 2 obsession continues, but I believe I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I created an in-game bucket list of things I want to achieve - a seasonal title, campaign completions, and a few shaped weapon unlocks. Meanwhile Halo’s first real update in forever happens tomorrow. I’m not enthused but I may give it a try.


I read the first volume of A Galaxy Next Door from the creator of sweetness and lighting. It was very mid if I’m honest, but I may pick up the next volume anyway. It has the same story structure as the old manic pixie dreamgirl manga like Video Girl Ai but with less fan service and skipping over the “will they won’t they” bits pretty quickly. That last part seems to be a trend lately. The stories are focusing on after the characters get together, instead of dragging out everything before that (like some 10+ volumes of Love Hina lol). I do like that more manga are doing this, I’m just not sure that this particular series will bring anything new to the table.


A great Crew win this week! I was in the bathroom for the second goal - I drank way too much Mt Dew during the first half. It was great to see the team convert some chances after struggling so much. It was nice enough that my dad was able to be at the game with me for the win as well. We had a great time!

The Journey Continues

Short one this week as I have not much energy. Until next time

Stay chill and enjoy