Destiny Bucket List

I made a mini-bucket list for Destiny 2. I can feel my enthusiasm waning and I want to get some big things done before I fall off. This way I can look back on my time with the game with satisfaction, rather than with regret and vague plans to return some day. I tend to leave a lot unfinished when my hyperfixations fall off. The worst part is, I never completely lose interest, just enthusiasm and focus. So I always have these vague plans and regrets tied to the little unfinished pieces. I’m hoping to start changing that.

So anyway, my list is as follows:

My best friend and I finished The Witch Queen Legendary campaign a while back, and it was excellent. He and I have been doing the Season of the Risen stuff for a while, and working our way up to the really hard stuff - Legendary Psiops and the Vox Obscura dungeon. I had tried soloing Vox, and it was just way too hard. So I roped him in, and we did standard difficulty with only a little mess.

On Saturday, we got to the point where there was only one thing left for the title - Vox Obscura Master. Now, there are only 2 of us and we’re fairly underleveled. We simply could not do this on our own. And thus started the emotional rollercoaster of Destiny’s Looking for Group (LFG) experience.

He convinced me to try to get a third via LFG. There are many ways to do this - private Discord servers, Reddit… but we went with the official app’s fireteam finder. The title we went with was “Vox Master first time - kwtd have mic” (kwtd == Know What to Do).

We got someone to join surprisingly quickly! The first guy we got was underleveled like us, and also did not have a mic and gave no indication that they could hear us. We were a bit unsure but decided to go for it. It did not go well. They were just way too slow. Eventually, after they failed to respond via text chat, we booted them.

Round two, same title for the post, we got someone else without a mic, but they were well leveled, and we were feeling desperate. It went about the same, although we felt like, if we could have gotten them to talk, we could have done it. We just didn’t know how to coordinate with them. They left voluntarily.

I was pretty depressed at this point. We were one Triumph away from what I was feeling was my biggest goal in the game, getting the Risen title. But we were failing completely. We settled on trying one more person before giving up. I also changed the title to “Vox Master first time - kwtd use mic” a subtle but specific difference.

The guy we got was amazing! He was nice, didn’t get mad when we died, and also carried us on his back like dead weight lol! I really believe that having him running us through that dungeon will be something I look back fondly on for the rest of my life. I played the worst I’ve played since I downloaded the game for the first time, but we got through it, and I got my title. I like to think I helped with Psion punching and dps on the final boss at least -_-

So next is the old campaigns, and maybe, just maybe, I might try to join an LFG for the Vow of the Disciple raid. That’s certainly a stretch goal and I’m going to try to not be disappointed if I never get to it.


I pretty regularly think about Nate Simpson’s Nonplayer, which is both amazing and on indefinite hiatus. Simpson seems to have fallen off the internet entirely, leaving only a few undeleted replies on Twitter, ending in April 2020. I hope he’s ok. Issue 1 came out in 2011 and issue 2 came out in 2015. I’m still hoping for more. The first two issues are that good. If you haven’t read what is available I highly recommend it!

I’ve just purchased a bunch of books! So lots more to talk about in this space soon.

Free Comic Book Day

Before life got in the way, my girlfriend and I were able to attend our local shop’s Free Comic Book Day event. I picked up (but haven’t yet read) the following free comic day specials


After seeing a recommendation on some blog or other, I picked up Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life by Luke Burgis. I’m still a bit on the fence on this one. There’s a clear push at one point to sell me a Myers-Briggs-like test to determine what kind of “wanter” I am or whatever. It seems like a lot of the nonfiction books I’ve gotten have an upsell these days. However, I do think the mimetics concept is interesting and real, if possibly not as completely all-encompassing as its proponents want me to believe it is. I’m actually considering paying for the test. It just inexpensive enough to be tempting, and I do believe that even a sham psychic can help you learn things about yourself. Just need to think for yourself at the end. Plus mimetics seems to be at least kind of more realistic than most fortune telling.

Catching up on newsletters and RSS

With Destiny winding down a bit after my big day Saturday, I’ve also returned to my RSS reader. I have a lot of catching up to do! I’m especially excited to continue with Jay Springett’s blog and podcast.


The Crew pulled out the tie after a frustrating game. They came out early and got a goal, only to fall behind as the game went on. The comeback to tie felt good to watch and showed that the team has some life.

The Journey Continues

Posting later in the week this time. The Vox Obscura dungeon run was incredibly fun but incredibly draining. I also found that I had a lot more to cover this week than normal. Continuing to promise myself nothing about post schedule or whatever but, as always, it feels good to get something posted. Until next time

Stay chill and enjoy