Hugo on Android

I mentioned back in 2019 that I needed to writeup how I’m using hugo to build this static site on my Android phone. So here it is! Only 3 years later

  1. First I’ve got my complete setup to clone the git repo written here (just updated!).
  2. apt install hugo in termux
  3. cd to the hugo folder
  4. run with drafts locally with hugo server -D --noBuildLock
  5. Go to http://localhost:1313 to review
  6. kill with ctrl+c when done
  7. Do a final build with hugo --noBuildLock
  8. Then push with rsync as detailed in another of my old writeups

I’ve had to add the –noBuildLock flag to the hugo commands because of an issue with build lock on Android.

Originally I had an issue where the css wouldn’t build on Android. I switched to sass from less when Hugo added support for it. Now my sass compiles just fine.