My Open Tabs 3

From time to time I like to clear out some of my open tabs on my phone. I do a little write up of each one. You can see the previous iterations of this series here and here.

And I just noticed that my last post in this series is missing a 0 in it’s path. sigh…

Anyway, here are some of the longest running pages in my mobile browser right now!

Running Hugo in Termux

I just noticed that my blog doesn’t actually have an entry with an explanation of how I got Hugo running on my phone. I have explanations for how I’m pushing the site with rsync and how I’m editing with Termux and Elsilon. I guess I need to go in and write up the rest of my process (me from the future: I’ve now written that here). For now, the above is a link to a partial explanation of how others got it working that got me most of the way there.

Since my last writeup I’ve also added a script that I can run to generate the new hugo markdow files in the year/month/day folder structure that I use.

An announcement of a Moebius collection and The (now inaccurately named) Complete Multiple Warheads collection.

I just love Brandon Graham’s style and he has talked at length on social media (mostly Tumblr RIP) about Moebius being one of his biggest influences. So I’ve wanted to check out Moebius. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I actually just picked up Graham’s Royalboiler art book and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m hoping to find time to get back into drawing and other creative pursuits this year. So looking at the works of one of my favorite artists is really helping fuel that desire.

Nadrek’s post about The Death of the Author

The basic concept of The Death of the Author is that you should evaluate a work of art separately from its creator. This is in direct opposition to the commonly held belief that creator intent and their background is essential to deriving meaning and value from a work.

In this post Nadrek discusses the use of this approach when engaging in modern media. This is especially important with many creators being recently revealed to be far from perfect. Currently there is a lot of pressure to boycott different creators for reasons as varied as differing view points all the way to criminal acts.

So one question then is whether it is morally wrong to consume media created by people that have committed crimes or expressed reprehensible opinions, especially in our modern world where consuming something often automatically contributes back to the creator’s reach and power.

I also have another tab open to a round table discussion about separating artists from their art. I’ve definitely been thinking about this a lot lately. I don’t think that will change anytime soon. I need to do a lot more processing before I arrive at my own conclusions.

A figure I want to buy

I loved Laid Back Camp and I really want to get this figure both to remind me of the show and to support it directly.

Watching this show convinced me to start reading up on camping. REI has a good beginners guide. I also found out that there’s an Ohio campground convention called GeekOut that I might be able to attend.

I found some info on campgrounds in Ohio such as AEP’s Recreation Land and the Buckeye Trail.

Searches for Hardtack and Bannock recipes

To tack onto the camping theme, I also had tabs open about some survival foods. I have a lot of issues with forgetting to eat. So having some trail rations around could be very helpful even when I’m not camping!