Ohayocon 2023

My girlfriend and I went to Ohayocon this weekend. It was great! Really good to be back at a con after so much time. This was our first con since the lockdown. We decided to ease our way in and did Saturday only.

We attended panels on zine making, slice of life anime, and traveling to Japan. The slice of life anime panel gave me a kick in the pants to start watching Super Cub and reconsider Kaguya-sama (although calling this slice of life is a stretch).

I played a little Melty Blood Type Lumina in the game room. It was nice to have some opponents closer to my level for once. Usually I just get smashed. While I no longer consider myself a fighting game player, it is fun to check in once and a while and relive the old days.

Of course we also did the dealers room and artist alley. My biggest wins in the dealers room were a figure from So I’m a Spider, So What and some tradeable faux instax photos from My Dress-Up Darling. In the artist’s alley my big finds were a new shirt from Angel Balms (formerly Street Cherub), who I always buy from, and stickers from crystalheartedkat.


Since I last wrote, I picked up Diabotical and Quake Live again. The gamefeel is just too good! Now that Halo has taken a nosedive, I’ve kind of decided to just play what I want, regardless of popularity, age, or lack of updates.

On the tabletop side, I continue to watch from afar as WotC attempts to destroy their own company one release at a time.


I’ve been taking my time with Zero History. In the meantime I read the next volume of Ascendance of a Bookworm, Even Though We’re Adults volume 1, and the next volume of The Apothecary Diaries manga.

Bookworm continues to be excellent! It really makes admin and organizational tasks fun and interesting somehow. I’m beginning to think that economy fiction is my favorite genre.

Even Though We’re Adults was a tough read. It’s a very difficult situation for the characters. The mangaka, Takako Shimura, is one of my favorites. So I will probably stick with this for a while.

The Apothecary Diaries continues to entertain as well!


I finished my latest Kiki’s Delivery Service Paper Theater yesterday. It came out great!


Lots of interesting off season developments are happening for the Columbus Crew. New coaching staff, new talent acquisitions. It should be a fun season!

They’ve also announced the schedule for the new Leagues Cup which should be interesting. I’ve never been that invested in the competitions outside of the main MLS season, but this could be one to watch.

The Journey Continues

It was a great couple of weeks for me! I released my article 3 Qualities of Good Documentation which had been in progress for a long time, I recovered from being sick. And I got to attend a con again!

Find some events to carry you through the winter season! Do the thing you want to do rather than the thing that’s easy.

Stay chill and enjoy