I got my covid vaccine booster on Friday. Pretty much lost Saturday due to side effects, but as of today I’m feeling much better!

Destiny 2

I’ve been playing catch up on the season content and a lot of Crucible (the PVP mode). I definitely think the new skill based matchmaking has helped make the experience better for me. I’m pretty bad, but I’m no longer consistently getting blown out every game. On the other hand I’m sure the experience is much worse for the best of the best than it was previously. So I understand why they are upset.


I got my copy of Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain in the mail and have only just started it. More on this if and when I have formed an opinion. I wrote a bit about the concept already last month.

I finished Things We Create by Axel Brechensbauer during my vaccine recovery. It was beautifully made! I may need to reread it before I can really pull anything specific from it. I was surprised and delighted to see Alan Watts’ name come up. I need to learn more about his work.

I also finished Mœbius’ The World of Edena. This may have not been the best entry point into Mœbius’ work but it was very good. It was very cool to see the work of one of Brandon Graham’s biggest influences.


The Crew were playing their final regular season game as I wrote this. They are now out of the playoffs. Definitely a rough end to the season. However I will say that the final home game was great! I look forward to a great year for the team in 2023.

The journey continues

As the year comes to a close, I really want to get the right preparations done to have a good winter. While working hard though, I encourage you to step back and slow down.

Stay chill and enjoy