Full Weekend

This weekend was huge! I feel like the year is really getting started :)

On Friday my girlfriend and I went to The Arnold Fitness Expo. We took the bus because I like to take the bus to the convention center. Unfortunately it was raining quite hard and we got soaked getting to the bus stop. Despite never really drying out, we had a great time!

The highlight of the event was getting to see a bunch of World Chase Tag matches live. I have watched some matches on YouTube from time to time, but seeing it live was really great!

I also enjoyed seeing a bit of the weightlifting events. I feel like my desire to workout is reignited!

On Saturday we went to our local library branch for the 150 anniversary of the Columbus library system. One of the librarians gave a talk about the history of our branch starting with the founding of the first Columbus library in a room in city hall. Carnegie financed the main library building we have today. From there a branch was added to Clintonville which grew and moved over time until the Whetstone regional branch was built and moved into in 1985.

Later on Saturday, my dad and I went to the first home Crew game of the year. The Crew won 2-0 in front of the first home opener sell out since 1999. I feel that the team made a lot of mistakes and has a lot of room to grow. I hope that the new coach is able to take what they have and refine it.

After all of that I am quite exhausted but fulfilled. I really wanted to get out and do stuff.


In addition to the busy meatspace stuff, Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion came out this week. I haven’t had much time to play yet, but what I have played has been good. I don’t think it is close to as good as The Witch Queen was, but so far it has been a fun set of missions. I’m looking forward to playing around with Strand once I have it fully unlocked.

While we were waiting for D2, my best friend bought me Raft as a delayed birthday present. While I’ve already seen a full playthrough on Let’s Game It Out, it is a whole different experience to actually play. Like many crafting games, Raft does a good job of artificially generating that feel of getting a lot done.


The latest volume of Ascendance of a Bookworm came out this week and I devoured it in about 24 hours. Still can’t recommend this series enough! Again I think this series feeds that “getting stuff done” feeling. I’m not sure what it says about me that I’m so attracted to this kind of media.

The manga for Magic Artisan Dahlia Wilts No More had its 4th volume come out in English this week as well. I’m still enjoying this, although this volume felt a little sluggish compared to the first 3.

I got The Artist’s Way out of the library after thejaymo recommended it. I’ll be reading it soon. I also placed a hold for Rick Rubin’s The Creative Act but won’t get it for a while. After reading Creative Quest I’ve grown an appetite for books on creativity! Hopefully something cool comes of this.

The Journey Continues

I’ve been thinking a lot about the contents and format of these semi-weekly posts. Right now I’m using this space as a kind of traditional life blogging / live journal / social media replacement concept. There is an obvious focus on what media I’m currently consuming.

I’m not sure how much value that has to anyone but me. Some of my more topic oriented articles have been useful for pointing to at work and such. I do think that this allows me to write something when I don’t know what to write and stay in the habit. I hope that is enough.

If you are reading this, find a way to do some fun things out and about as the weather gets warmer! It’s totally worth it :)

Stay chill and enjoy