They Broke Halo

This is a copy of the actual bug report I filed today with 343 Industries, the main dev team for Halo Infinite.

I can’t overstate how disappointed I am.

Normally I would not condone using bug report forms for feedback submission, but, as stated in the ticket description, I could not find a better way to do this.

Halo Infinite Bug Report


Patch removed all my favorite parts of the base game - skill jumps, mangler cheese, etc

Repro steps

  1. Read patch notes
  2. Cry


I’m not sure where to put this, but I don’t have Twitter and the waypoint forums seem to be largely abandoned:

The new patch for Halo Infinite Season 2 is incredibly disappointing. I was just starting to get excited to play again after some time away. I watched a lot of the Kansas City Major and the new season trailer. Then I read the patch notes.

Learning the skill jumps that Shyway talks about was one of the things that kept me going after I finished the season 1 BP and the Tenrai BP and the store started being all repeats. I loved just trying to get them working at all. I only perfected one or two but I knew that I would continue to work on them whenever I played the game. I’ve always loved those hard to perfect mechanics that open up the ceiling on games - Quake’s strafe jumping, CS’s bhops. I was excited that Halo Infinite had these mechanics that I could spend a lifetime perfecting. Now that’s gone and I don’t understand why.

I was sad when it became clear that the mangler nerfs would be severe, but I was still going to play. I was sad when Forge and Co-op were delayed, but I was still going to play. I was sad when the scorpion gun easter egg removal was announced, but I was still going to play. Now many skill jumps are dust and… I’m not sure anymore.

Please reconsider.

A quick note of followup for the blog

Yes there are a lot of worse things going on in the world that deserve my time and attention. To be completely honest I don’t want the depth of darkness that the greater world is going through to infect this blog. I have struggled mightily with feed and news addiction and have only recently felt free of that (I eventually banned most news sites from my phone in the same way I did Reddit and Hacker News).

Halo has been a fun part of my life and I am sad to see it go. So I wanted to cross post my complaint here. While I care, writing about it doesn’t make me unbelievably angry the way other more important topics might.

Update - May 22nd

343 has since promised to return a number of skill jumps (including my favorite - pizza jump) to the game as well as the tank gun to campaign. I provide my reaction here.