Art or Whatever

We attended the Columbus Arts Festival on Saturday. There were a few artists showing there that I was excited to see, but overall the art itself was less important than the food and the excuse to be out and about.

We took the bus to get there, my first bus trip since the pandemic. I absolutely love riding the bus. The routine of walking to the bus stop, waiting, getting on, paying, start stop start stop along the route is very satisfying for me. I miss being able to take the bus to work. Unfortunately, there is no line that gets all the way to my current job.

The food was great! I had paella from Barroluco’s food truck. We also got a bucket of cookies from Eaton, something my girlfriend was excited for before we even got there.

Both of us got bad sunburns. We’ve totally forgotten how to be outside to be honest. Still though it was a great time!

Polaroid Camera Modding

Last week I did version 1 of the enclosure for my polaroid camera mod. This week I’ve returned to the project. I adjusted the 3D model to compensate for the previous version’s issues. I oiled the 3D printer rails, changed the filament to a newer spool, upgraded cura, switched to tree supports, and increased the bed temperature.

The print actually finished! However it took 15 hours instead of the estimated 9. I’m not sure why this happened. I lowered the speed during the first few layers manually. I suspect that a bug in the firmware did not properly return the speed to normal when I changed it back.

Today I took the piece into the shop and removed the supports. I think perhaps the tree supports were the wrong choice. Removing them proved to be extremely difficult. The final product looks very messy. However I think it will be good enough. I spray painted to cover some of the sanding discoloration.

Next I need to figure out how to attach it. If I get it done, I will (hopefully!) write about it here and post some more pictures!


In keeping with my return to pre-pandemic habits I went to the library this week. I got two books, the first of which I have finished. This was Steal Like an Artist, which I have heard much about over the years. It was as expected, much of what Austin Kleon says in this book is now engrained in both the art and programming subcultures I identify with. So there wasn’t a lot new here. Even so, I really appreciated seeing it all gathered in one place.

The other book I got from the library is To Be Taught, if Fortunate a novella by Becky Chambers, which I have barely begun. I may write about it here in the future.

I’m about halfway through No Game No Life Volume 9, which has been sitting on my shelf unread since its release in 2019. I had been putting it off because I had somehow mixed it up with Volume 4 (this is hard to explain), the plot of which gave me some anxiety. It turns out I already read that. It is still a good time, although most definitely NSFW. The whole series probably needs some other trigger warnings attached as well.

The Journey Continues

With my mind on art and personal projects this week, the best advice I got all week was from Steal Like an Artist - “Write the book you want to read.” Go out there and make the things you want to see in the world. If you don’t know how, figure it out! That’s an ideal to strive for. I will be doing my best

Stay chill and enjoy